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Wheel Rear / Odyssey - C5/Quadrant Rear Wheel

Odyssey Bmx

Odyssey - C5/Quadrant Rear Wheel

Super strength at a light weight was the goal for these epic new wheels from Odyssey! Combining the proven goodness of the Quadrant rims with their brand new C5 hubs is like mixing up a cocktail for James Bond- the world will be shaken but certainly not stirred! You've gotta to be stoked on these new beauties.

C5 Hub-These brand new hubs are super stylish, sound good and are from Odyssey- so you know they are built to last! These hubs are also a switchable design meaning that you can easily change it over from RHD to LHD whenever you feel like changing things up! The C5 is a strong, drive switchable, affordably priced cassette hub with a 14mm chromoly male axle. The LHD/RHD compatible 9T driver rolls on three precision, sealed cartridge bearings. A replaceable plastic hub guard is included.


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