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Ini Shearer


                Age                        Height                   Hometown             BMX Discipline    
19 6ft 1" Auckland Freestyle - Street / Park


At what age did you start BMXing and why?

I started riding BMX at the age of 13yrs.  I find BMXing a great way to relax, spend time with mates and to challenge myself to learn new things all at the same time.  For me BMXing allows me to express my creativity like no other sport.

Where's your favourite riding spot?

Valonia Skatepark - Auckland

List your top 5 NZ BMX'ers

  1. Josh De Rues
  2. Jono Hopping
  3. Callum Pennycuick
  4. Ellie Chew
  5. Alex Phillips

Who's your BMX hero and why?

Ethan Corriere because of his insane riding level, his riding style and crankflips

What's your favourite BMX trick and who do you think pulls it off the best?

My favourite BMX trick is the crankflip and Matt Nordstrom pulls them off the best

Top 5 Riders:

  1. Garret Reynolds
  2. Ethan Corriere
  3. Devon Smillie
  4. Matt Ray
  5. Lucas Figel

Worst Crash:

My worst crash is when I slid out dropping into a quarter and caught my thumb on the way down, bending it backwards.  This ripped out a chunk of bone where a ligament was attached meaning I had to get surgery done and couldn't ride for 6 months.

What other hobbies do you have outside of BMXing

Gaming, Editing, Videography and Photography

What are you riding at the moment?

At the moment I'm riding a pastel pink WTP Doomsayer Frame with some mint parts.  Click here to check out my full bike check.


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